Multidimensional Education

Academic Program

Our life-long passion has always been inspiring new generations into using the Universal languages of Art, Culture, and Positive Interaction. Our educational goal is to empower human advancement through analog skills and by keeping alive ageless ingenuity techniques. Some of these techniques have been forgotten or lost mostly due to the disappearance of funding in public schools and similar organizations. This situation is even more critical in rural areas.


After more than 20 years of teaching on diverse environments and groups, Alfonso Corona integrated our Academic Program.


This program promotes that students bring their best friend or any family member along, we call them creators and co-creators, they both go through the entire learning curve together sharing invaluable time together and supporting each other in the process.


Both creator and co-creator learn and develop new art techniques and wellness tools. This program's goal is to soothe and self-empower creators and co-creator through learning new manual skills, improving their individual communication methods, understanding their emotional intelligence, and developing a series of potential sources of future income from these skills. 


We're now facilitating this program in community centers, and other similar venues.


The goal of this 12-session, after-school program is to develop skill-based abilities through diverse educational approaches such as visual arts, music, wellness, business development, and other educational components that are fundamental to a successful life. 


All of our students graduate with a logbook, design portfolio featuring their top artworks and achievements, and produce an art exhibition. The design portfolio is key for many higher education institutions or potential job applications in the future.


This after-school Academic Program program is also fun and engaging, the parents are involved with the classes, it greatly facilitates the first years of the next steps in education or diving directly into their new professional lives. 





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