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Coming Soon to Miami

Learn all about wine, its different growing regions, enjoy amazing food pairings & have lots of fun in the process!

Register today and enjoy multiple benefits at your favorite participating restaurants, accumulate points, and earn amazing rewards!

Login to your account and select your favorite participating location, explore their wine lists to let us know what you want to taste and bring back home, book your spot for the next GTE and get ready to enjoy a memorable food & wine experience!

At every GTE you will taste different wines and their popular food pairings, by the end of each GTE you decide what bottle(s) you loved the most and bring it back home. Upgrade your membership tier to receive more perks. Bring a friend -or two for an additional fee.

Stay for dinner after and receive points and special complimentary items only available for members and their parties.


After registering on our website, each Member can book their spot for the recurring GTE event at the participating location of the restaurant they are subscribed to. The GTE usually takes place on weekdays, ideally around happy hour, ei 5-7p or 6-8p

On this day, each Member will enjoy a 2hr wine tasting, and food pairing experience featuring each location’s defined wines and plates

 Each GTE is facilitated by one of our Wine Experts and/or can be self-guided by watching our featured videos.

Members enjoy a guided 2hr wine or spirits tasting experience, accompanied with special menu items perfectly paired for each experience.

After tasting different wines, Members decide -based on their tier level, which bottle(s) of wine they want to take back home. They may also bring another guest(s) for an additional fee.

Additional revenue opportunities through 'Sip & Paint' experiences and partnerships with wineries & wholesalers.

Benefits of the GTE Program

We can help your restaurant adapt, deploy, and manage a Wine & Spirits Membership Program for your brand, that generates a monthly passive income.

Boost your Revenue Goals: We split 50% of all Membership sales, and collect 15% from wine or spirits sales made through our program.

Each restaurant decides what wines and spirits we feature during each GTE.

We produce and upload experiential videos about your specific wines and cocktails, meaningfully expanding the restaurant's digital footprint.

We can help you implement the entire backend, menu, also sharing monthly performance reports.

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