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Enhanced Music
for public spaces

We have facilitated hundreds of workshops using neuroacoustics tools. The positive benefits that derive from listening a few minutes of enhanced audios are felt immediately, not only physically but also by permeating the entire space they resonate in.

These balancing, biological and homeostatic processes may last for hours and even days. Some of these positive effects are proven to lower blood pressure, enhance moods, reduce inflammation, among other benefits... all simply from listening to the right music, sequences, and sounds!

Our goal is to make these wellbeing benefits available to more people while creating a distinctive and unique amenity for our Hospitality partners.

Beer Market
At the Studio

Our Team has co-created a proprietary music-production process to design, record, and license unique soundtracks inspired by your space, with the goal of enhancing your guests' and employee's daily experience. 

You can also create a new revenue center by re-selling your new soundtrack in the form of digital downloads, inside USB drives, or simply gifting it to your guests and staff as a very generous amenity.

Every signature soundtrack is created exclusively for each project, they are all infused with unique frequencies, sequences, sounds and harmonies that relax, align, balance, awaken, enhance the mood, and overall wellbeing of the listener.

You may choose to acquire a signature soundtrack and its licensing rights:

90 Minute Signature Soundtrack - $1,500 USD

*Includes all music production and licensing fees


Licensing ONLY for 90 Minute Signature Soundtrack - $800 USD

*We also sell it online and share a % of sales with you

Contact us for more information and samples


1. Electro-Latin-PoP

A sexy blend of exquisite latin beats with a refreshing splash of electronic synths and vocals, infused with upbeat electric guitar leads, and a flair of 70s funk & hearty moving bass lines. Perfect to be played during a cocktail brunch or lunch, extending the experience to a long ‘sobre mesa’, ideally paired with the popular after meal trilogy ‘coffee, liquor & cigar’.


2. Jazz & Chill

This concept can be enjoyed both, during breakfast time feeling like an organic and invigorating morning cup and/or a chill out infuser of any sunset happy hour event. It blends jazz-centric harmonies and instruments such as saxophone, stand up bass, jazz guitars, 3-piece drum sets, all elevated by unique and distinctive lead voices that enjoy playing with catchy hooks and subtle yet palpable mood enhancers.


3. World Music Acoustic

A blend of acoustic instruments with folk voices and exquisite rare sounds. The best most popular from Putumayo meets Miami. Ideal mix for any ‘in-between’ moments: between breakfast and lunch, or lunch and dinner hours.


4. Classical Music Revival

Classical pieces of music remastered into a beautiful and harmonic ambient mix of known melodies by the greatest composers of all times. The blend of music harmonies on this playlist is perfect to enjoy your time at the Spa as well as breakfast service hours.


Ideal for Spas, Yoga Studios, Relaxation Lounges, etc. Beautiful and harmonic abstract sounds assembled in a 90min soundtrack. Infused with subsonic frequencies, harmonies, and other sounds that promote homeostasis and overall wellbeing. This is a must-have for every Spa!

Music Performance
Latin Band with Drums

LIVE Music
for your venue in Miami, FL

The musicians and music producers we work with are also able to hold Artist Residencies in your venues, this means they can perform live by themselves, with one instrument and a backing track, or bring the entire orchestra, depending on your budget.

Let us know what generes you'd like to hear on your venue, we can work on creating a monthly program/budget  that is right for your venue, we'll create the perfect playlist and play it live whenever you want! Available in Miami Metro Area.

Contact Us if you're a Musician looking to Record and Play Live

Contact Us if you're a Hotel, Restaurant, or Entertainment Venue



There have always been two kinds of musicians, the ones that can read music and the ones that can't. For centuries, the music history has greatly benefited from both styles, we're here to help both styles enjoy and succeed at what they love to do: Music. 


Our Music Program promotes and empowers young musicians by helping them with scholarships, music gear, and also giving them online promotion through our upcoming Online Radio Station, YouTube, Facebook Live, and SoundCloud channels.


By accessing our growing Social Media channels, every Wednesday and Thursday you'll be able to enjoy the achievements from both walks of the Music Universe from the comfort of your home, office, or mobile device. 



'Partiture Jam Competition'

Musicians that can read music sheets gather to compete for the best performance derived from randomly selected music sheet just a few minutes before the competition.


The best Partiture Jam performance will win music-store credits to purchase gear, instruments, etc. The final amount of each week's prices will be raised by donations from the online viewers and the musician's supporters, as well as other sponsorships.



'Jam Pro'

Musicians that can not read music gather to compete for the best performance derived from a randomly selected song or music piece where they'll have only a few minutes to figure out and memorize.


The best 'Jam Pro' performance will win music-store credits to purchase gear, instruments, etc. These final amounts of each week's prices will be raised by donations from the online viewers and the musician's supporters, as well as other sponsorships.


For more info contact us

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