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Signature Experiences to Discover



the California Central Coast

Experience the unparalleled natural surroundings and connect with the pristine essence of some of California's most spectacular wonders through our signature activities program. From the Bay Area to Monterey, Carmel, Pacific Grove to San Luis Obispo, we know all the precious hikes, secret locations, and must-see hidden jewels that California has to offer.

The goal of our workshop experiences is to help anyone to connect in depth with this unique geographical region and the stunning natural locations. We facilitate our workshops in partnership with resorts, and also by exploring the top natural locations around the California Central Coast, all our workshops include wellness tools that help to manage stress levels, anxiety, and boost productivity in our daily lives. 


Our most popular locations are Half Moon Bay, Marin County, Carmel, all around the Monterey Peninsula, Big Sur, and even all the way south to San Luis Obispo.


Regardless of any previous skills, experience, or walk of life, our facilitators make sure that every participant walks away with a positive and productive experience every time. We have a lot of experience working with guests ages 12 years old and up. 


Even if our staff is screened before each workshop, guests always have the option of having a Facilitator live via a mobile screen. In recent months we've become really good at facilitating experiences through phone screens!

If you're looking for regular Team Building activities such as Scavenger Hunts, Build a Raft with Cardboard and Tape, Food Donation Sculptures, Group Juggles, Human Knots, Battle of the Air Bands, or others please contact us!  We can certainly facilitate any of them for you!


Photo Hike

This is a fun and constructive photo class that can be done at any location. This workshop offers a unique, fun and informative approach to photography that guarantees you'll improve your photographic skills from this day on.


Learn how to capture and produce better photographs, you'll understand in-depth about image language, composition, how to take proper portraits, frame landscapes, and many other tools that you can remember and apply in the future.


You'll achieve a better understanding of your creative process allowing it to use the tools to communicate better through photographs.


Alfonso has over 28 years of experience as a fine-art photographer and art teacher. He has been developing a Limited Edition Series of Photography from the California Central Coast since 2014.


Regardless of your current camera, skill level or previous experience you will learn powerful image-making techniques that will help you use your equipment while improving the composition, handling of light, and visual message. For groups, we can also facilitate a unique photo competition at the end of the day with personal remarks and other engaging dynamics. Ask us how!


Wellness Components Covered: Self Empowerment, Mindfulness, Art Therapy, Team Building.


Duration: 2 hours

*Group Rates Available



Glass Fusing

Glass fusing is defined as the bonding of separate pieces of glass by applying high heat in a kiln or oven.


In this workshop, you will learn how to create a fused glass for making one-of-a-kind pendants, small paper-weights and other decorative objects. The goal is to create your own lucky charm or amulet based on the color theory used by graphic designers to empower your daily life.


You will learn the entire production cycle as you explore this interesting, fun and engaging art form. After they cool down we'll ship you home your glass piece. We have hosted groups of up to 60 guests and can do a max of 100 guests.


Wellness Components Covered: Design Thinking, Mindfulness, Art Therapy, Team Building.


Duration: 1.5 hours

*Group Rates Available


Block Printing

Make your own Seal

Design, carve and take home your own block of wood like the one in the image, or a stamp, seal or symbol to take back home.


Block printing is one of the most ancient forms of decoration and communication, it has numerous applications. Our focus in this workshop is to help you design and hand-carve your own unique seal or stamp on a special block of wood and rubber.


To participate in this workshop no previous experience is required. You will learn the full process and create up to two stamps per session. Take your blocks home and keep printing!


Wellness Components Covered: Meditation, Mindfulness, Art Therapy, Team Building.


Duration: 1.5 hours

*Group Rates Available

Candles Aromatherapy.png

Candle Making



Essential oils and soy wax

Learn about and experience nature's top healing plants and their uses in aromatherapy. Then create your own clean-burning, soy-wax candle with essential oils to enjoy for many months to come.

In this workshop, we share with you the secrets of aromatherapy. Our goal is that you may understand which plants are better for you and your home environment, also their properties that will allow you to continue using them as herbal teas, essential oils, or real plants for your home.

This workshop includes the creation of two medium-size candles or one large candle per participant.

Wellness Components Covered: Aromatherapy, Mindfulness, Meditation, Team Building.


Duration: 1.5 hours

*Group Rates Available


Sound Bath


A multi-sensory experience where you will enjoy and learn first hand diverse sets of useful tools to reduce feelings of anxiety, fear, and other common patterns of resistance. All while enjoying a co-creative experience with your partner or an entire team. This workshop may be facilitated on any location, even around beautiful natural locations such as beaches, parks, etc.


Experience first hand the powerful multidimensional qualities of the quartz crystal singing bowls, learn how to feel and interact with your own bioelectric field and other palpable frequencies, experience 3 different easy meditation techniques, and more!

This is a sonic experience that relaxes, balances, and promotes good health to the body, mind, and soul through the use of quartz bowls as instruments of sound. The crystalline structure of quartz crystal happens to be very similar to the structure of our bones and DNA, both of which have a unique and true interaction with electricity.

Every time we make a quartz bowl “sing,” our bone structure resonates and "sings" too. This is important because our bones are the core of our physical and energetic structure, and because most of our blood cells are produced by our bones.


Anyone can do it and will experience the benefits of this session. Every subject we cover in this workshop is non-dogmatic, nonconflicting, also, fully honors and respects all walks of life.


Among other benefits, the sound bath helps to rejuvenate your bloodstream by enhancing its production from within. On the bioelectrical level, the acoustic resonance of the quartz opens and balances our bioelectrical field or lattice and chakras one by one.


Wellness Components Covered: Music Therapy, Meditation, Mindfulness, Bioelectric Balancing.


Duration: 55 minutes

*Group Rates Available


stunt Kite


Come out and play with the wind!

In this workshop, you will learn how to fly an acrobatic kite (with two lines), while incorporating a super fun and light aerobic workout. A short 5min explanation will show you how to quickly assemble it, set up the strings, get up in the air, and even do some very cool tricks before the session ends!


Experience the magic of wind power and play with it leisurely. You will be so focused, mesmerized and involved with the process of flying the stunt kite that you will not even realize the revitalizing workout behind all this fun.


Get your sunglasses and hoodie on, come to play with a professional stunt kite and discover the magic and fun of wind power!


Wellness Components Covered: Mindfulness, Mild Aerobic Excercise, a daily dose of Vitamin D3, and lots of fun in the Sun.


Duration: 2 hours

*Group Rates Available


Sand Castle competition

Creativity & Fun on the Sand!

We use professional-grade sand sculpture tools and casts/molds, and add a couple of fun and quirky decoration props such as mermaid tails, large eyes, noses, hats, flags, etc as finishing touches for the sculptures. 


1. The group is divided into teams of 3-5 members each. 


2. In the first stage, each team competes to earn and collect the coveted building sand casts/molds and props by creating human knots, human bridges, etc. 


3. With casts and props in hand, they move on to design and build their best version of a sandcastle or sculpture that will be judged based on design, creativity, and execution. 


4. Team photos next to the sculptures and ribbon prizes are done by the end of the workshop. 


The non-competitive -and less physical approach eliminates 2., gives away the casts/molds and focuses on 3. and 4.


This activity is highly customizable to achieve the team-building goals, these could be focused on strengthening communications skills, group ties, collaboration dynamics, fresh views on daily challenges or any other team goals. 


Wellness Components Covered: Team Play, Art Therapy, Team Building.


Duration: 90-120min

*Group Rates Available


Fun flex 4 alL®

for Couples & Groups

Grab a partner, have fun and learn new ways to connect through this ancient, easy to learn, and very healthy protocol progressions.


Based on some of the traditional Thai Yoga Massage movements, this workshop teaches you and your partner how to implement some of the basic stretches and compressions from 

both, ancient and modern Bodywork techniques.


The guests are fully dressed on top of a blanket, on the grass or a massage table, the 

facilitator takes each pair through diverse stretches, protocols, and movements so they may continue to practice back home. Anyone can enjoy this workshop regardless of any previous bodywork or yoga experience.


By the end of this session, everyone will feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready for the next Fun & Flex for All® trade between themselves!

Wellness Components Covered: Art Therapy, Mindfulness, Meditation, Team Building.



Duration:  60min


*Group Rates Available

Email Us for Availability & Bookings



Deep Relaxation

Enjoy the powerful and relaxing effects of weightlessness while you float effortlessly in any pool.


During this session, you'll be floating suspended by two floating noodles while your therapist takes you through a deeply relaxing and smooth ride around the pool, some mild stretches and work on trigger points around the body are also part of this experience. This technique greatly helps to relieve stress, insomnia, and minor pain.


This session is performed in a resort pool, just bring your swimsuit, close your eyes and enjoy this deeply relaxing and soothing form of bodywork therapy. We also have full body robes that you can use on top of your bathing suit.


Wellness Components Covered: Flotation Therapy, Mindfulness, Meditation, Shiatsu, and Trigger Point Therapy.


Duration: 1 hour

1 Day Stained Glass Workshop

Painting competition

We divide the group into separate teams, we give each team an easel, a 20x20in canvas, brushes, paint, and we place a sample artwork in the front of the room. Teams compete and do their best to replicate it.


Each team member takes care of completing a specific part of their group painting, for example, one traces the shapes, another one fills in the background, another the skies, and one is the art director.


Everyone enjoys drinks (separate pricing) and energizing music while they draw, paint and complete their artworks. The results from the artworks are very interesting and sometimes very good! No judgments only healthy ‘artistic’ competition all around.


The winner artwork/painting will earn a permanent special placement in your office!


Wellness Components Covered: Art Therapy, Team Building.


Duration: 90-120min

Team up & Paint!





Collage is one of the core Art Disciplines, it greatly empowers problem-solving skills, develops creative skills and helps to nurture personal expansion. Keep your ideas and goals on a daily check by creating a vision board that is great looking too!


In this workshop, you will take back home a beautiful collage of your own making on a 12x12in canvas. We start with a fun and engaging mind mapping dynamic that will help you define priorities and goals in your daily life, then you'll be provided with thousands of magazine and newspaper cutouts, as well as other collage making materials such as buttons, ribbons, and others to play and design around your board. 


You will create an artwork that will empower, elevate and encourage you to follow your dream goals every day, and everywhere your new collage is placed... it will also give you some bragging rights as a Collage Artist. 


Wellness Components Covered: Art Therapy, Mindfulness, Self-Empowerment.


Duration: 90-120 min

*Group Rates Available

Hand Drums



This workshop is designed to help determine your primary directional course and blend with other directions to create a fulfilling artistic journey. Each participant will create a multidirectional journey and an art-piece collaboratively with the group. We will embrace the strength of group dynamic and collaborate with those whose direction differs from our own. Enjoy the path of self-discovery and the artistic aspects of that sojourn.


Many minds create great results. We all see things from our own point of view. Some of us move fast, some move in a methodical manner. Some people focus on a task, some are called by relationship. As we celebrate the value of each viewpoint, we can identify our own direction and bridge to those who prioritize differently.


This is a great team building workshop facilitated by Melissa Adams with positive and constructive palpable results for groups.


Wellness Components Covered: Self Empowerment, Mindfulness, Meditation, Team Building.


Duration: 2.5 hours

Cost: $88 per person

*Group Rates Available

Open Fire Cookout.png

Open Fire


Nothing brings people together like food! Even more so when people cook together!


For this workshop we divide the group into separate teams, each team gets an open firewood grill on the beach and get ready to cook their best BBQ dishes to share and enjoy with the rest of the group.


Team members divide their responsibilities between the positions of Executive Chef, Sous Chef, Grill Master, Plate Designer, Food Critic, etc. Depending on the size of the group some team members may focus on creating their best salads, appetizers, entrees, and/or desserts. A mixologist drink station can be also set up in order to feature the talents of any aspiring bartenders in the group.


We'll have all the cooking ingredients and hardware needed on-site and ready to rock!


Wellness Components Covered: Cooking Fun, Team Building.


Duration: 120-180min

A Team-Building Culinary Experience

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