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We have designed a series of experiences and wellness programs exclusively for the Residents of the Turnberry Ocean Colony, their Families & Guests.

One of the main goals of this program is to help you to enhance your wellbeing through fun and productive Art + Wellness based activities and events, also to enhance and deepen their connection to this wonderful oceanfront property. These include useful components based on mindfulness techniques, silent or kinetic meditations, breathing, and mood management tools that may be used in our daily lives.

The habitual practice of these components and techniques have continuously proven to enhance our overall wellbeing by reducing stress, lowering the strain in our cardiovascular systems, helping our brains to develop new synapses; they also improve our mood, enhance our daily life- style, and more!

Please see below our different offerings and don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or suggestions of new activities and experiences.

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Sound Bath with Quartz Crystal Bowls

Experience first hand the powerful multidimensional qualities of the quartz crystal singing bowls and their wellbeing effects in our bodies.

This is a sonic experience that relaxes, balances, and promotes good health to the body, mind, and soul through the use of quartz bowls as instruments for sound therapy. The crystalline structure of quartz crystal happens to be very similar to the structure of our bones and DNA, both of which have a unique interaction with electricity. When the bowls sing, our bones and other areas of our bodies resonate too.

Anyone can experience the benefits of this session. Every subject we cover is non-dogmatic, fully honors, and respects all walks of life.

Guided Meditation

Right after the Sound Bath we follow up with a guided meditation. There are many thousands of meditation techniques, here we focus on Mindfulness, breathing, and visualization exercises.


Zen Walking & Sand Mandalas on the Beach

To conclude this beautiful wellness experience we will learn and practice healthy kinesiology movements and conscious walking on the beach, while we rake the design of beautiful mandalas on the sand. At the end of the workshop we take a photo of our creation to share with our loved ones.

120min - $88

*Advanced reservations required 24hrs in advance.

Contact us for Bookings & Availability


Fun & Flex 4 All - Thai Massage Workshop for Couples

Grab a partner, have fun and learn new ways to connect with this ancient, easy to learn, and very healthy evolutions of kinesiology progressions.


Inspired by traditional Thai Yoga Massage movements, this workshop teaches you and your partner how to implement some of the basic stretches and compressions from both, ancient, and modern bodywork techniques.


Guests are fully dressed on top of a blanket, on the lawn. The facilitator takes each couple through diverse stretch movements, protocols, and flows so they may continue to practice them. Anyone can enjoy this workshop regardless of any previous experience, all flows are adapted for each guest.


Flotation Therapy Workshop for Couples

Learn all about the powerful and relaxing effects of weightlessness while you float effortlessly around our pool. During this session, the facilitator will guide you both through a series of movements and pressure points around the body that will  take your both to a new wellness level!


Aided by floating noodles both participants will experience a deeply 

relaxing and therapeutic ride around the pool, this session involves mild elongations and work on trigger points around the body. These techniques greatly help to relieve stress, insomnia, and minor pain.


120min - $88

*Advanced reservations required 24hrs in advance.

Contact us for Bookings & Availability

Medical Thai Massage
Zen Garden

Coming Soon


- Fun & Flex 4 All - Thai Massage Workshop

- Flotation Therapy - in the ocean or pool

- Stunt Kites - wind permitting

- Ice Bath - Cold Plunge Mindfulness

- Thalassotherapy - Seaweed body wraps & body clay

- Drum Circle - enhance your brain, heart & soul!

- Sand Sculpture Competition

- Fire, Whiskey & S'mores Night 

Contact us for Bookings & Availability

Coming Soon


- Wine Tasting Experiences - Wine Appreciation & Food Pairings

- Cocktail & Mocktail Experience - Delicious gourmet beverages for everyone

- Cooking Experience with our Executive Chef

- Legends of the Spirits - Appreciation of classic spirits & their history

-  Special discounts for Wellness Day at Sea by Wellness Life at Sea

Contact us for Bookings & Availability

Wine and Cheese
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