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Connect like never before with all the majesty, beauty, grace and joy that Horses have gifted humanity for thousands of years.

During this 30min intensive and life-transforming equine experience you and your partner, guided by our Lead Equine Facilitator Maria Talia Brown, you and your Co-Creator will begin with a quick safety briefing followed by a mood-balancer, aromatherapy intake...


You will learn how to properly and mindfully approach our Horse, recognizing his/her current mood and personality so you may intuitively interact with their bio-electrical field and more... 


This is followed by a few minutes of a beautiful eye-to-eye connection, paired with breathing and mindfulness exercises that often derive in intimate and insightful moments for you and your partner.


Proceed to touch, cuddle, brush, and massage your new friend while learning more about his/her anatomy, habits and the daily life of these beautiful beings.

Using a stethoscope, you will have the opportunity to feel his/her heart and breathing flow, as well as your own and your partner's.


Finish your session with a lasting bonding hug and the goal of synchronizing your breathing patterns with our Horse's. Simultaneously, our Facilitator will help you to produce a collaborative Artwork to bring back home so you may remember this day forever!


Coral Gables, FL

Limited Availability on the Following Dates:

March 17th, 24th, 31st, & April 7th, 2022

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