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Art + Wellness

The objective of this program is to facilitate a profound connection for visitors with the art, architecture, and enchantment of the Pérez Art Museum Miami.

Elevate your PAMM experience by participating in our signature art + wellness activities! Acquire new skills for well-being that yield tangible benefits, such as enhancing homeostasis, uplifting mood, reducing anxiety, and stress levels.

Our workshops incorporate non-dogmatic wellness elements, including mindfulness exercises, breath work techniques, mood-balancing audios, and abundant art therapy.

At the conclusion of select workshops, each participant leaves with a one-of-a-kind object of their creation, energized by their positive intentions, life dreams, and personal goals. Additionally, we offer all sorts of customized Team Building and group programs designed to meet specific objectives.

All experiences can be conducted in either English or Spanish.

Please refer to the list below for available experiences, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Museum Park.jpg


Indulge in a delightful and constructive photo class that takes you on an adventure through Museum Park and the open grounds of PAMM.

Embark on a unique, enjoyable, and enlightening journey into photography that ensures a lasting improvement in your photographic and photo editing skills. Whether you choose to use a professional camera or only your smartphone, this class is designed for everyone.

Discover the art of capturing and producing exceptional photographs, gaining insights into the language of images, composition techniques, proper portrait-taking, framing landscapes, and a plethora of other tools that you can easily recall and apply in the future.

Regardless of your current camera, skill level, or prior experience, you will acquire powerful image-making techniques that enhance your current camera usage, light handling, and visual communication skills.

For groups, we offer the additional excitement of a photo competition at the day's end, complete with personalized feedback, and other engaging team building dynamics. Feel free to inquire about the details! Ask us how!

Your facilitator will be Alfonso, he brings over 25 years of experience teaching photography and facilitating workshops. He's also a Fine-Art Photographer; enjoy his photos at

Wellness Components Covered: Self Empowerment, Mindfulness, Art Therapy, Team Building.


Duration: 2 hrs

*Group Rates Available


Immerse yourself in the art and PAMM experience in a mindful way by donning a pair of our special audios and headphones!


Our signature audio guides will seamlessly lead you through the art and installations at PAMM, incorporating signature mindfulness exercises.


These exercises enable you to simultaneously relax, focus, and embrace your surroundings in a healthy and balancing manner.


The audios feature a guided tour that blends informative content and art appreciation commentary with engaging mindful walking activities, breathing techniques, and other wellness tools.

This holistic approach aims to empower and enrich your visit.


We have designed this experience for individuals of all ages, religions, beliefs, and walks of life, our audios ensure an inclusive and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Wellness Components Covered: Self Empowerment, Mindfulness, Art Therapy, Team Building.

Duration: 2 hrs

*Group Rates Available

Mindful Art.jpg


A multi-sensory experience where you will enjoy and learn first hand diverse sets of useful tools to reduce feelings of anxiety, fear, and other common patterns of stressful inertia.

Experience first hand the powerful multidimensional qualities of the quartz crystal singing bowls and get ready to enjoy the art! 


This is a sonic experience that relaxes, balances, and promotes good health to the body, mind, and soul through the use of quartz bowls as instruments of sound therapy. The crystalline structure of quartz crystal happens to be very similar to the structure of our bones and DNA, both of which have a unique and true interaction with electricity.

Every time we make a quartz bowl “sing,” our bone structure resonates and "sings" too. This is important because our bones are the core of our physical and energetic structure.


Everyone will experience the benefits of this sonic session. All subjects covered in this workshop are non-dogmatic, fully honors, and respects all walks of life.


Wellness Components Covered: Music Therapy, Meditation, Mindfulness, Bioelectric Balancing.


Duration: 1 hr

*Group Rates Available


Indulge in an intuitive, meditative, and enjoyable coloring session suitable for both adults and kids of all ages.


Mandalas visually and aesthetically capture the beauty of the macrocosmos within the microcosmos. Comprising specific sets of geometric forms and colors, Mandalas are believed to radiate positive and creative energies in their surroundings.


Engage in the creation of your own intricate mandala or collaborate in the coloring process. We provide and guide you through our elaborate color box, equipped with Color Pencils, Markers, Encaustics, Watercolors, and more.


We like to think that the energy you infuse during this coloring experience becomes absorbed into the unique identity of your Mandala.


Embark on an exploration of the profound meditation in movement, rooted in one of the most ancient forms of meditative practice.


Choose from our extensive selection of Mandala designs, and all necessary coloring materials are generously provided for your enjoyment.


Wellness Components Covered: Art Therapy, Mindfulness, Meditation.

Duration: 2 hrs

*Group Rates Available

Mandala Coloring_edited.jpg
Handpan 2.jpg


Learn how to play the beautiful hangdrum or handpan in only 3 to 4 classes at PAMM. We will pick the best and most beautiful spot around the museum grounds to hold the class.

Additional to learning all about this magical instrument, you will also increase coordination skills, dramatically expand your brain synapses, reduce stress, anxiety, literally becoming smarter, more agile, and healthier by improving your psychomotor abilities.

No previous experience needed, musical or else. In only 3 to 4 lessons you will learn how to play and create beautiful tunes and sounds with hangdrums.

We provide the instruments, just bring a comfortable mat or blanket to sit on and water. Here is your facilitator playing handpan :D

Join our family of multi-skill level players every month for our group jam! 

Wellness Components Covered: Art Therapy, Mindfulness, Meditation.

Duration: 2 hrs

*Group Rates Available


Experience a unique twist on the Mindful Art encounter. Instead of a guided tour around the museum, find a serene spot around PAMM to sit or lay down, don your headphones, and immerse yourself in the benefits of meditation. Take a moment to relax and recharge your batteries!


Our advanced binaural audios will seamlessly guide you through a beautiful journey, aiding in centering, focus, and appreciation of our picturesque grounds in a healthy and balancing manner.


Upon completion of this enhanced audio session, you'll emerge feeling rejuvenated, re-energized, balanced, relaxed, and ready to savor PAMM like never before!


Our audios cater to individuals of all ages, religions, beliefs, and walks of life.

Wellness Components Covered: Mindfulness, Guided Meditation.

Duration: 1 hr

*Group Rates Available

Mindful Headphones.png
DrumCircle Intuit3.jpg


One of the most ancient forms of human bonding, connection and celebration of our existence happens when you become part of a drumming circle.


Awaken your senses and empower your core energy with this grounding experience that uses the deep resonance and live dynamics of drums.


Regardless of any previous musical, rhythmic or performance skills, this workshop takes you step by step inside the magical, mystical and therapeutic universe of percussion instruments.


This workshop allows anyone to experience the primal connection to the nurturing 'Pacha Mama' or 'Mother Earth' as the Native Americans have called it for eons.


Gather around as together we create beats, music, dance, sing in this exhilarating music experience that also will create new brain synapsis by teaching your body new beats and rhythms.


Wellness Components Covered: Music Therapy, Dance, Mindfulness, Meditation, Team Building.


Duration: 1.5 hrs

*Group Rates Available


Dip your toes into the captivating Universe of Creativity and embark on a hands-on journey exploring two distinct art disciplines. Together with your partner, you'll craft two unique artworks, immersing yourselves in the rich and diverse world of artistic expression.


In this workshop, you'll delve into the design and creation of exquisite art objects through two carefully curated experiences.


Not only will you leave with two stunning pieces, but you'll also gain ample knowledge and resources, enabling you to complete your creations at home.


This workshop is not just an event; it's an invitation to embrace and possibly continue practicing a newfound art discipline, ensuring your creative journey extends beyond the workshop itself.

Let your creativity flow and discover the joy of artistic exploration!

Art Express Workshops

Choose 2

Each experience is about 55min long

Every participant brings back home an artwork or created items.

Photography - Create Professional Studio Portraits, Lightning Tips & Product Shots

Candles & Aromatherapy - Create Soy Wax  + Aromatherapy Candles Tailored to Your Personal Needs

Mandala & Mindfulness - Coloring a Mandala Artwork for your Home

Ancient Crystals & Artisan Jewelry Making - Learn all about the ancient uses of crystals in diverse cultures, then create your own healing bracelet or necklace


Duration: 2 hrs

*Group Rates Available

Arts & Crafts
Medical Thai Massage_edited.jpg


Grab a partner, immerse yourself in fun, and explore new ways to connect your BAE through an ancient, easy-to-learn, and health-promoting series of movements.

Drawing inspiration from the art of traditional Thai Yoga Massage, this workshop equips you and your partner with fundamental and beneficial elongations and compressions derived from both ancient and modern bodywork techniques.

Conducted fully clothed, on a blanket, atop the grass, floor or a yoga mat, the facilitator guides each pair through diverse stretches, protocols, and movements that both will enjoy and love.


The aim of this workshop is to empower participants to continue practicing at home these new moves, also making this workshop accessible to everyone, regardless of previous bodywork or yoga experience.

As the session concludes, expect to feel relaxed, rejuvenated, energized, and ready for the next exciting Fun & Flex for All® exchange with your partner at home!

Wellness Components Covered: Art Therapy, Mindfulness, Meditation, Team Building.

Duration: 1 hr

*Group Rates Available


Museum Park.jpg

09:00 a - Yoga Para Tod@s

10:00 a - Sound Bath w Crystal Quartz Bowls

11:00 a - Museum Park Photo Hike

01:00 p - Art Express - 3in1 Art Experiences

02:00 p - Power Lunch 

03:00 p - Self Guided Meditation or Mindful Art


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