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This Kit will allow up to 5 people to work simultaneously on 3 different techniques, our Facilitators can teach you online, this package includes 2 hours of online training and materials:

Leather Journal

To document your creative processes.

Wood Carving

Japanese Wood Carving Tool Set

Set of 2x4in Woodblocks

Block Carving

Block Carving Tool

4x6in Carving Pads

Inks: Black, Green & Red

Ink Roller

Clay Sculpting

1lb Air Dry Clay

Clay Carving Tool Set

Slumping Mold Set

Carving & sculpting



+ Shipping & Handling

Free delivery Miami, FL area


Leather Journal to document your creative processes

Wood Carving Set

Deluxe Japanese woodcarving set of 8 tools

4x6in Block Carving Pads

Carve your Stamps & Monograms

Clay Sculpture Tool Set

To create clay sculptures

Air Dry Clay

Italian-made air dry clay

Wood Blocks for Carving

To Carve your first blocks of wood

Wood Carving Knowledge Base

Block Carving Knowledge Base

clay sculpting knowledge base

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