We invited top Certified Teachers, Pedagogy Professionals, Educators, and Facilitators to help us design and implement one of the most avant-garde and comprehensive educational programs ever created.


We have called it Multidimensional Education or ME. Our goal is to facilitate non-linear, hands-on, and self-empowering education that develops new areas of expertise, wellness awareness, and business skills.

ME is a revolutionary vocational program available for anyone 12 years old and up. Every student (we call them Creators) brings along their best friend or family member (we call them Co-Creators), both go through the entire learning curve as they share precious time together by supporting each other in their individual learning processes.

We customize and adapt every ME program by learning in depth about every Creator's top interests, educational goals, and by following their highest excitement as a guidance system. We focus on 6 main Education Hubs: STEM, Art, Service, Admin, Social and Wellness. 


We take everyone from zero to making a profit or landing a desired job by focusing on nurturing specific areas of interest. Our Coaches continue to be available empowering any new business models for up to 1 year after graduation.

Every session is facilitated remotely and offers one-on-one coaching with every pair of Creators. Our sessions are scheduled and facilitated from the comfort of everyone's home, and based on their availability, we do them via Zoom, Google Hangouts, FaceTime and similar platforms. Our partnership with Instituto Prekop also allows us to provide vital emotional and psychological support for our Creators and their Families.

ME is here to fill in the educational voids that exist in any educational programs, strengthening and empowering education paths. We are the equivalent of a powerful multivitamin supplement to all education programs. Any educational levels are welcome! Our Facilitators and Coaches are experts in the different areas our program covers.

This after-school program is led by Alfonso Corona and Jose Uribe Gaudry and made possible by our amazing Team of Facilitators. To learn more about them please visit Our Team page.

Scroll down to see the Multidimensional Education Program Workshops.




Lead Facilitator: Alfonso Corona

Duration: 12-16hrs

Available in English & Español

Learn all about photography and create different new sources of income from it! On this program every Creator and CoCreator will learn the basics of Art and Photography History, helping them to understand the relevance, influence, and importance of Photography in our World.


They will learn how to create images and the proper use of the Image Language. Every Creator and CoCreator will develop new communication skills and become proficient at transmitting emotions, desires, dreams, inspiration, and other emotions. We also cover the different uses of artificial light sources, uses and applications. Everyone will learn how to properly illuminate people for portraits and products. 


By the end of this workshop Creators and CoCreators will be coached and empowered to create new sources of income derived from Photography in the areas of: Portraiture Sales, Fashion, Social Media, Editorial, Product Photography, Architecture (for Real Estate), and/or developing their own abstract style or using it for Mixed Media in other Art Techniques.

Business Opportunities: Portraits, Fashion, Editorial, Product, Architecture, Abstract Prints, Mixed Media, and more!


ME Components: Art History, Communication Skills, Image Language, Mindfulness. 


Lead Facilitator: Alfonso Corona

Duration: 6-8hrs

Available in English & Español

Learn the many uses and applications for air dry ceramics, if you love it we'll help you to create a new business out of it! After reviewing some fun, useful and relevant components of history, chemistry, and industrial design, Creators and CoCreators will be ready to start designing and producing their unique line of air ceramic items for sale.


Based on your highest excitement we’ll help you in the design process and help you to kickstart your own product line of air-dry ceramics items, and also help you to put them up for sale in diverse points of sale.

Business Opportunities: Make and Sell Utilitarian Objects such as: Bowls, Trays, Cups, Photo Frames, Phone Stands, Signature Acoustic Speakers, Decorative Items, and more!


ME Components: Art History, Chemistry, Industrial Design Basics, Communication Skills, Manual Skills, Mindfulness. 


Lead Facilitator: Karla Figueroa

Duration: 4-6hrs

Available in English & Español

On this workshop you will learn how to make Artisanal Soaps from scratch while you learn many chemistry components to help you understand the right mixtures, substances, reactions, compounds and elements.

While making artisanal soaps with us you will also learn and understand the basic principles of science and how to apply these useful tools in other areas of interest.

By the end of this workshop you will know how to prepare your preferred combination of products, aromas, and elements to produce all kinds of Artisanal Soaps that you can sell, trade or enjoy yourself.

Business Opportunities: Selling Artisanal Soaps, Creating a Product Line,, Activating an Online Shop, Making Sales in other websites such as Amazon, Etsy, E-Bay, etc.


ME Components: Art History, Communication Skills, Image Language, Mindfulness. 


Lead Facilitator: Karla Figueroa

Duration: 6-8hrs

Available in English & Español

Become an expert in dyeing fabrics, the colorants used, and create a future business based on your new Fashion Designer the process you will also learn practical chemistry components, how to create your signature color blends, learn about the production and composition of the diverse fabrics commonly used, and even have fun creating a new clothing line for sale!

This workshop also covers other useful and interesting educational components such as the history of dyes, the color theory, different commercial and industrial applications, security procedures when working with them, as well as more fun stuff!

Business Opportunities: Design, customize and sell clothing, garments, blankets, scarves, beanies, hats, wall decor, and other similar items.


ME Components: Art History, Chemistry, Industrial Design Basics, Communication Skills, Manual Skills, Mindfulness. 


Lead Facilitator: Myriam Compeán

Duration: 4-6hrs

Available in English & Español

On this workshop you will have the opportunity to understand all about your income and expenses, and the many ways they relate and interact with your interests. The tools Myriam offers on this workshop will help you to understand in-depth and benefit from many useful life skills that are related to improving your personal finances, these include: how to lower your monthly expenses, many smart products and methodologies for saving money, as well as everything you need to know to create a perfect credit score and how to make the best use of it.

By the end of this workshop Creators and Co Creators will have designed and implemented a robust portfolio of personal financial tools that will allow them to better admin their income and guarantee a financial growth for the future.

Business Opportunities: This is the first thing you need to get any business working! You will learn how to adapt yourself to a limited budget, make a savings plan and organize yourself to get a full credit and manage it. Despite any business you wish to develop, first you need to learn how to establish a budget and stay between its boundaries.


ME Components: Mathematics, Management, Accounting, Administration.


Lead Facilitator: Diana Estrada

Duration: 10-12hrs

Available in English & Español

Learn all about the production and proper management of urban orchards! Create new sources of income, enjoy home-grown vegetables, and have fun!


In this program, each Creator and Co-creator will learn the basics of how to create an urban orchard from scratch while learning and implementing diverse educational components related to Biology, Nutrition, Natural Sciences, Sustainability, Nurturing Ecosystems, and many others.

At the end of this workshop, Creators and Co Creators will be able to produce an orchard and start growing vegetables, herbs, fruits, etc. Diana will also provide the needed tools to jump start a new family business integrating relevant supply chain management tools by Ing. Jorge Vera Castillo.

Business Opportunities: Artisan Produce Sales, Design and Management of Orchards, Farmers Markets, Home Delivery Sales.


ME Components: Biology, Chemistry, Nutrition, Natural Sciences, History, Agriculture, Sustainability, Service-Based Industries


Lead Facilitator: Verónica M. Farías

Duration: 12-18hrs

Available in English & Español

This program will guide you step by step through different processes that will help to develop your talking, writing and reading skills. Discover your communication skills, learn professional and easy to use tools to speak more clearly and naturally.


Through the tools that Verónica has created in her years of experience she's able to guide every Creator into developing more complex thought processes and communication structures, also dramatically improving their writing and comprehension skills.

Build new thought patterns that will help to improve your reading skills, learn how to communicate better and have fun with words and language structures!

The process is very simple, accessible for everyone. Vero will adapt the program based on your current skills, you will learn everything and have fun while at it by using videos, movies, podcasts, newspaper articles and pieces of very interesting literature.

By the end of the workshop you will see that it is not only useful to have good
ideas, but the most important thing is to know how to communicate them
efficiently! You will learn to express clearly and effectively a feeling, an idea and an initiative; when thoughts are not expressed it is as if they did not exist.

Business Opportunities: These are basic skills for any business or job application, the opportunities for anyone that knows how to clearly communicate are endless! After successfully completing this program we can help you land a job in editorial, marketing, news media, social networks, websites, any many more!


ME Components: Communication Skills, Business Development, Administration.


Lead Facilitator: Verónica M. Farías

Duration: 12-16hrs

Available in English & Español

Vero will guide you step by step on how to become aware and develop new observation skills, using these skills you'll be able to draw even if you were never able to do so before. This workshop was specifically designed for those people who believe that they have no talent for art and think that they will never be able to learn. Vero will prove you wrong! :D


Vero uses the Betty Edwards method to help you learn all the needed skills to get yourself going. This Workshop will help you process visual information just like Artists do. 


We will help you to activate special areas on the right side of your brain, this is done through basic exercises that will unleash your full creative potential.


If you are already an art student or professional artist, this workshop will also develop further your abilities and will deepen your artistic perceptions.

Every Creator will learn how to create at least two potential different sources of income derived from their new drawing skills.

Business Opportunities: Drawing, Painting, Publishing, Printing, Design,
Visual Arts, Mixed Media, and more.


ME Components: Art History, Art, Drawing, Painting, Mindfulness


Lead Facilitator: Verónica M. Farías

Duration: 6-8hrs

Available in English & Español

Learning Calligraphy will bring you many benefits! Your hand writing and drawing skills will largely improve, and it will literally make you smarter by developing new synapses in your brain.  


It will also awaken your creativity by giving you the possibility of creating something beautiful by simply dipping your brush in a Chinese ink of bright and intense colors.

We start with the basic tools such as pencil and eraser, then we evolve to the use of flexible round-tip pens, then learn all about the Chinese calligraphy large brushes, and of course, metallic and glass tipped calligraphy pens.


We learn how to write on watercolor, cotton and rice papers.

We believe that Calligraphy is also a great way of doing meditation and enjoy the benefits of mindfulness. The brush movement is carried out in harmony with a deep connection and in sync with the rest of the body.


To do Calligraphy it resembles a dance, where the brush strokes dance from one side to the other, between light and thick lines, curved and twisted, and in patterned forms. We might believe that we are thinking of someone painting with a brush, when in fact we are describing artistic calligraphy.

Business Opportunities: Every Creator will receive training on how to create new sources of Art-derived income in the areas of drawing sales, publishing, visual arts, or developing your own personal style of art.


ME Components: Communication Skills, Chemistry, History, Mindfulness, Art, Kinesiology.


Lead Facilitator: Verónica M. Farías

Duration: 6-8hrs

Available in English & Español

Creators will learn all about bakery. You will learn all the needed techniques to prepare yeast and traditional bread making. Also learn some useful educational components that include physics, chemistry, history, art, and have a lot of fun while you bake.

Eating bread is very nutritious! You will learn how to make fluffy, solid, or porous bread, how to control its softness, getting crunchy crusts or soft ones, how to reduce gluten levels, improve nutrition values, and more secrets from a seasoned Cordon Bleu Chef like Vero.

Learn about the different grains, cooking temperatures and times, how to make the best of vitamins and minerals found in bread, using starch, flower, royal, and other ingredients used in baking.

Business Opportunities: Develop and sell your own line of baked goods! Our Team will guide you on how to create a road map and business model that will allow you to make a future income. Sell Artisan Bread, muffins, cookies, brownies, etc direct to clients, farmers markets and other established businesses.


ME Components: Nutrition, Chemistry, Physics, History, Mindfulness


Lead Facilitator: Verónica M. Farías

Duration: 8-10hrs

Available in English & Español


This is literally a delicious workshop! Become a skilled Chef Creator by cooking and Mastering the 4 Elements! Creators will learn how to improve the quality of their nutrition habits and their loved ones while cooking easy and delicious dishes using the Four Natural Elements: Fire, Water, Air & Earth.

Each 2hr cooking session focuses on mastering every single element (one class cooking with fire, another with water by boiling or steaming dishes, etc), Vero also reviews useful, fun, and engaging information in subjects such as World History, Nutrition, Physics, Cooking & Wellness.

Join our Cordon Bleu Chef Facilitator and learn how to prepare more nutritious meals while saving money, incorporate new healthy menu items to your lifestyle, and have fun while creating fun cooking sessions with your family and friends.

At the end of each session a delicious and nutritious dinner will be ready to be served at the Creator's household!

Business Opportunities: Catering, Restaurant Vendor, Product Sales, Farmers Markets, and more!


ME Components: History, Mindfulness, Nutrition, Wellness, STEM.

Open Fire Cookout.png


Lead Facilitator: Paola Uribe

Duration: 6-8hrs

Available in English & Español

Experience the entire creative process behind drawing and discover the artist you can be! This workshop will teach you everything you need to know about portrait painting.


Paola will guide you through a small review of Portrait Theory and History, along with some fun practical tricks.


By the end of this program, Creators and Co Creators will be able to paint portraits, and all kinds of other objects, landscapes and more!


On this workshop you will also learn relevant and important aspects of your own personality, the way you observe and the ways you are being observed or seen by others. If you like it we will help you turn into a creative communication skill and also a new source of income!

Business Opportunities: Sell Portraits, Illustrations, Mixed Media Artworks, Decorations, Farmers Markets, Restaurants, etc.

Charcoal drawing on the left by Artist Casey Baugh


ME Components: Art History, Art, Drawing, Art Fundamentals


Lead Facilitator: Kathya Maceda

Duration: 16-20hrs

Available in English & Español

Regardless of your current body shape, weight, joint flexibility, athletic skills, or abilities this workshop is right for you! We have designed so EVERYONE may receive the health and mindful benefits that stretching and yoga provide.

We will start this workshop by learning fun and useful facts about our bodies from the anatomical and biological points of view, we will learn how to take better care of our bodies.


During the first sessions Creators will learn two basic 5min sequences: One for the mornings to energize, oxygenize, and activate our minds and bodies; and one for the evenings to discharge, prepare our body for rest, healing, and achieve a wonderful night of sleep.

Creators will also learn all about other wellness modalities and disciplines that will help them to achieve an integral well-being.


The popular practice of yoga focuses on connecting body, mind and spirit, deriving overall in a much healthier and happier life style.


On this workshop Creators will learn the main axes of yoga:

1) History & Philosophy of Yoga

2) Anatomy

3) BioElectrical Body

4) Forms of Practice

5) Designing Your Own Healthy Sequences

Business OpportunitiesCreators will be able to share and monetize their new Yoga skills with other people, taking into account lifestyles, age, and body shapes. Kathya can continue to train Creators in more advanced practices. We want everyone to adopt a healthier and happier lifestyles by adopting a yoga practice.


ME Components: Kinesiology, Mindfulness, Wellness


Lead Facilitator: Armando Palacios

Duration: 6-8hrs

Available in English & Español


This workshop guides Creators through the Universe of Narratives, from how to identify them, interpret, re-defining them, as well as the importance of nurturing a self-narrative that works in our favor in areas of our lives. The benefits are focused on improving communication skills and nurturing emotional intelligence performance.

Armando will guide Creators through understanding different narratives as well as how to apply them in order to empower entrepreneurship projects. These include analyzing  the building blocks of story telling, marketing, commercial advertising, creating storyboards, etc.

This workshop includes the analysis and use of diverse multimedia tools such as music, texts, videos, and video games, these are used to exemplify the narrative lessons for each business area and/or target audience.


Creators will be able to identify written and verbal narratives that are common in everyday life, they will be able to create and apply new narratives to improve old ones, understand their influence within scopes of perception, and nurturing a habit of developing new ones that will allow them to communicate in more efficient, positive and constructive ways.

Business Opportunities: Story Telling, Marketing, Communication Management, Resume Writing, Business Proposals, Copy-Editing


ME Components: Communication Skills, History, Marketing,


Lead Facilitator: Armando Palacios

Duration: 6-8hrs

Available in English & Español

This workshop is designed to help you understand and teach Creators how to create the necessary marketing and graphic design tools to promote a new business or project.

This workshop is a perfect complement to Armando's workshop above. Put your new narrative creation skills into practice, learn how complement them with images and create marketing tools to promote and monetize them.

Creators will learn the basic elements of editorial design and how to use it on different outlets such as flyers, posters, digital banners, etc. Learn also about image language, composition, balance, and other secrets that only Graphic Designers and Art Directors know about.

This worksop will allow Creators to start promoting their new business projects by achieving professional-looking graphic materials.

Business Opportunities: Graphic Design Services, Marketing Services, Flyer Creation, Digital Advertising, Business Development.


ME Components: Graphic Design, Art, Business Development.


Lead Facilitator: Jorge I. Vera - MBA

Duration: 16-20hrs

Available in English & Español


This workshop will guide you through the entire process of creating, establishing, and developing your own business. Creators will also acquire the needed skills to help manage or empower other businesses around their community.

Creators will learn how to identify  business opportunities within their communities, how to handle common challenges, how to kickstart their own projects, develop a clear and professional-looking business plan, as well as creating a five-minute 'rocket pitch' that will allow them to successfully present their project in any setting, conditions or location.

Creators will learn how to create a Professional Business Plan including: 

1. Executive Summary

2. Marketing Plan

3. Operations Plan

4. Financial Plan

5. Rocket Pitch


Upon graduation, Creators will be ready to present their business ideas in a professional format to the investment community, angel investors, crowdfunding and/or venture capitalists.

Jorge is also in charge Coaching the business development process of all Creators in the long run, and empowering their projects to achieve a maximum economic potential based on their highest excitement.

Business Opportunities: Enjoy creating a new business and become your own boss, be the owner of your time, improve the wealth for your family and your community, and choose your own path in life!


ME Components: Accounting, Management, Business Development, Admin


Lead Facilitator: Edgar Galicia

Duration: 4-6hrs

Available in Español

Edgar is an IT expert with the patience of a Buddhist Monk! He will guide you through the entire process of designing and establishing a proper ecosystem of online tools that can help your new business or services thrive in this era of Google, YouTube, and Facebook.

In this workshop Creators will learn how to set up and connect the perfect set of digital resources available so they can empower and improve the footprint placement of any products or services.

Learn the basics of how the online and cloud platforms works, how to open and get your online store running, understand how to use the algorithms of Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube in your favor, sell products in Amazon, and many more!

Business Opportunities: Online Sales, Social Media, Marketing, Web Development


ME Components: Business Development.


Lead Facilitator: Lázaro González

Duration: 6-8hrs

Available in Español


For many decades, Lázaro has been a public speaker and a History Professor for high-school, and College levels. He's also a Chess enthusiast, using these two elements, we have designed probably one of the most interesting workshops ever.


On this workshop Creators can to learn how to play Chess or improve their current level, while also learning many relevant components of World History that are used as analogies and examples using strategic thinking and other wholesome educational components.

If you're looking to expand your culture, improve your mental health, learn new approaches to strategic thinking and many more useful subjects, then try this workshop!

Business Opportunities: Organizing Chess Tournaments, Community Engagement Opportunities.


ME Components: History, Mindfulness, Strategic Thinking


Lead Facilitator: Lázaro González & José Uribe Gaudry

Duration: 8-10hrs

Available in English & Español

In this workshop two legendary Professors with decades of experience doing research and public speaking engagements will guide Creators through the entire process of learning how to do a proper research process on their favorite subjects, and then guide Creators through the fun process and practice of developing a public-speaking skills.

Upon graduation each Creator will be ready to apply to Ted Talks to present a conference in their format, related to their favorite research subjects, innovative ideas, or any other subjects.

Business Opportunities: Public Speaking Skills are fundamental to present any business proposal, land job interviews, also opens the door to apply as MC for diverse conferences, trade-shows, etc.


ME Components: Business Development, Business Skills, Wellness.

Music Performance


Lead Facilitator: Mario Bringas

Duration: 16-18hrs

Available in English & Español

On this workshop you will learn all the basics of music, from how it is created and all the process it goes through to become a master piece and even how to record it in your new home studio.


After covering the basic aspects of music theory, Creators will build their first instrument using any of the following: Flute made out of Carrots or Zucchinis, a Bass Drum from a Bucket, and/or a string instrument made out of wood or steel elements.

Then we move on to learn how to use diverse digital music platforms and experiment with some of the top recording and music production programs, with the goal of creating our own rhythms, melodies, and lyrics.

By the end of this workshop, each Creator produces a music track or song of their own creation, they also learn how to develop a unique musical style and identity that can be applied to other areas such as advertising, film, soundtracks, etc.

Creators will also learn how to appreciate and produce harmonious music using these and other hand-made 'organic' instruments, create simple ambient songs that they can record and promote on different digital platforms, empower social media accounts, and many more.

Business Opportunities: Make an income from selling Artisanal Instruments, Playing Music, Selling Handcrafts, Creating Jingles, Making and Licensing Music, and more.


ME Components: Communication Skills, Chemistry, History, Mindfulness, Art, Kinesiology.


Lead Facilitator: Roxana Borgio

Duration: 8-10hrs

Available in English & Español

In this workshop Creators will explore the fascinating world of herbal medicine, learning about different herbs, its uses and history as used in different cultures.


Learn new natural ways to boost your inmune system as well as your loved ones´. Each Creator will learn how to use and put into action different recipes to prepare herbal teas and other remedies that are safe to use at the home for themselves and their loved ones, just like our abuelitos did in the past.

By using our five senses, Roxana will help Creators to understand the nature of each herb, how flavors and potency are affected when combined with other herbs, how identify them by smell, texture, and the interesting stories behind some of them.


The goal of this workshop is not only to learn how to prepare and use ancestral herbal medicine recipes but also to keep this knowhow alive for future generations.


Upon graduation, Creations will learn how to create their own signature tea blends, essential oils, and skin balms to address different common ailments. We will also learn ancient and magical stories about how they have been incorporated in rituals and the uses of many herbal medicines in the Mexican and Asian Traditions.

Business Opportunities: Create and sell your own line of tea blends, home remedies, essential oils, skin balms and more.


ME Components: Business Development, Wellness.

Natural Herbs



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