our Team

Alfonso Corona

Executive Director & Lead Facilitator


Alfonso is the creator of Art Essential, he received his L.M.T. License in 2007 from E.H.S.M in Miami FL.

He has over 1,500 hours in 9 different bodywork and wellness modalities including HydrotherapyManipulative Therapy, Thai Yoga Massage  TMJ Therapy, Music Therapy,

Art Therapy, on the Energy Work field he's certified Master Reiki Tummo, EMF Practitioner, 

and Akashic Records Facilitator.

Alfonso found one of his life's biggest passions in his early 20s when he landed his first job as a photography teacher in one of the top IB Schools in Mexico City, seven years later he also played the role of International Examiner for the IB Organization.

While developing his career as Professional Photographer he also worked as a College Professor at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City for five years. He LOVES to teach and share stuff!

During his time in the California Central Coast, Alfonso has facilitated

hundreds of our workshops and retreat programs for corporations, couples, and groups; from high-end resorts to community centers.

Alfonso is also a fine-art photographer and his latest works can be found at AtomReflections.com



Vanessa Delarrue

Director of Operations California


Vanessa is a licensed Skin Care Specialist with a life-long reputation for being dedicated, loving and effective. She worked for 7 years as Lead Therapist in the Four Seasons Miami, currently is Spa Director, worked for 5 years on the medical field at Monterey Skin Fitness Center.

Vanessa always strive to continue breaking new ground in skin research, she also provides a tailored program designed for long-term skin maintenance and a lifestyle of healthy skin preservation.

For over a decade she has trained and facilitated hundreds of workshops related to care protocols and skin health. She is a Body Talk and EMF practitioner Akashic Records Facilitator, as well as Reiki Tummo Master. She also enjoys teaching meditation, aromatherapy and candle making workshops. 



Elizabeth Aguilera

Treasurer & Business Development Coach


Elizabeth is an Industrial Engineer, Emotional Therapist, and Business Coach. She has over 20 yrs of

experience in the food industry.  Elizabeth is also the owner of Mi Cocina by The Hour and Nuts & Cows.

She is the recipient of SBA District and Regional Awards, State of Texas Award also has received 4 additional Small Business Grants. She also teaches the business development components of our Academic Program as well as the Latina Hope Program and 1MillionCups in McAllen TX.



Gabriel 'Gasu' Siqueiros

Music Program Coach & Facilitator


Gasu has worked for more than three decades as a professional musician, he's a legendary guitar player and music producer with international hits, he has played in numerous massive concerts throughout his historic career as a musician. Gasu is currently collaborating with Art Essential as the backbone and coach for our music program. Helping and empowering new talents to define their musical identity as well as producing the songs and albums that our students create. We're always looking forward to his latest music projects.


Paloma Dueñas

Music Program Coach & Facilitator


Paloma graduated with honors from Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, where she obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Music in  Voice and Music Therapy. 

In addition, she an experienced music therapist and teaching artist for children with and without developmental disabilities, specializing in the Autism Spectrum and sensory disorders, providing therapy services to children, helping them learn, develop and express through the arts.


Paloma also performs with her Brazilian jazz project: Brasoul.com 



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