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Who We Are

Art Essential is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization that designs unique art + wellness programs for diverse audiences. These groups range from high-end resorts to community centers. We collaborate with Professional Teaching Artists, Therapists, Design Thinkers, Holistic Healers, and Wellness Enthusiasts. 


We are Elite Team Building Facilitators! We focus on designing and facilitating constructive educational workshops that generate productive life experiences. Some of our favorite applications include Art Therapy, Design Thinking, Music Therapy, and numerous Wellness Modalities, all focused on Self Empowerment.


The main goal of our Academic Program is to empower family ties and fill in the void left by numerous cuts in funding for the arts and important wellness programs, we empower underserved minorities, in Spanish too. 


We travel and facilitate our programs everywhere!







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Art Class

Our Vision

Since the dawn of time, Art has been the prevalent and most transcendent form of human communication.

Our facilitators profoundly understand some of these infinite forms of human expression and know how to translate them.

We have practiced and honed our skills for decades. Our facilitators also enjoy the process of sharing their invaluable tools and techniques needed for anyone to experience and empower their creative skills.

Our collective goal is to create memorable experiences for every participant that also derives in the creation of beautiful objects of Art, regardless of any current skills or previous artistic experience.


As a non-profit organization, we focus on making these art and wellness tools available to underserved Latino communities. We produce fundraising events that derive in scholarships, materials, and the use of classrooms.

Art For Wellness

Most of the workshops and activities we facilitate also contain wellness components.


Our constructive dynamics allow every participant to empower their unique creative process and achieve maximum results.


Some of these include mindfulness exercises, kinesiology, aromatherapy, neuro-acoustic audios, guided meditations, and other powerful wellness tools.


Some benefits involve enhancing and empowering our innate mental, physiological, psychological, and bioelectric abilities. From developing new motor skills that improve your brain power through the creation of new synapses to learning new techniques to relax, rejuvenate, and improve your daily life.


Our unique fusion of art and wellness tools with a therapeutic, creative, introspective and artistic approach, helps you to easily learn and develop new healthy habits useful in any walk of life.


 Empowering Life through


Workshop Experiences

Our workshops are designed to provide every participant with a hands on experience in diverse Art disciplines. The Design Thinking process influences our dynamic approach to execution.

Everyone goes through the entire process, from design to prototype, to completion. Regardless of the workshop, every participant can expect to take home a one-of-a-kind artwork of their own creation.

Our facilitators always make sure that every artwork achieves excellent quality and visual results.

ACademic programs

Our life-long passion has always been inspiring new generations using the Universal languages of Art, Culture, and Positive Interaction. Our educational goal is to empower human advancement through analog skills and by keeping alive ageless ingenuity techniques. Some of these techniques have been forgotten or lost mostly due to the disappearance of funding in public schools and similar organizations. This is critically more so in rural areas.

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Our mission as a nonprofit organization is to generate funds that are consolidated into scholarships. These scholarships allow us to provide fundamental art and wellness education to underserved minorities around the California Central Coast.


Your generous donations allow us to cover operational expenses like the use of venues, classrooms, materials, teachers and facilitators fees, and others.


For every $10,000 US we raise, we're able to offer the four-month-long Academic Program to 20 low-income students and a co-creator (parent, guardian or best friend). The full term tuition cost per student and one co-creator are only $500 for 12 classes.


Through your partnership with Art Essential, you become a sponsor of every student's future success and their new-found abilities of self-empowerment through useful art and wellness tools.


In this program, each student also acquires new manual, communication, and social skills, as well as business development components that will allow them to succeed in life. They graduate with a design portfolio and produce an art and portfolio exhibition upon graduation.



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