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Tuesdays at Tantra Studios



Miami, Florida

Join us every Tuesday during April and May, 2023, for a series of select workshops, starting at 5p, till 9:30p.

For a limited time, we'll be offering the following workshops at

Tantra Studios

390 NE 59th Terrace, Miami FL, 33137

 Contact us for bookings

5 to 7p: Art Express Experience

7 to 8p: SoundBath Sensorama

8 to 9:30p: Fun Flex For Couples

Regardless of any previous skills, experience, or walk of life, our facilitators make sure that every participant walks away with a positive and productive experience every time, and in most workshops, also an artwork to bring back home.

Pigment Artwork.jpg


Get your 'feet wet' in the Universe of Creativity and experience a hands-on process of 2 different art disciplines. You and your partner will create 2 unique artworks using 2 different experiences of your choosing. 


During this workshop, you will design and create beautiful objects of art through the workshops below. You will also receive enough knowledge and resources so you may finish them back home, and possibly continue practicing a newly found art discipline!

Art Express Workshops

Choose up to 2 - Each experience is about 55min long

Each participant brings back home an artwork or photos from each Discipline

Photography - Create Professional Studio Portraits, Lightning Tips & Product Shots

Candles & Aromatherapy - Create Soy Wax  + Aromatherapy Candles Tailored to Your Personal Needs

Mandala & Mindfulness - Coloring a Mandala Artwork for your Home

Magic Crystals & Artisan Jewelry Making - Learn all about the ancient uses of crystals in diverse cultures, then create your own healing bracelet or necklace


$88 per person or $149 per couple

Time: Tuesdays, 5 to 7p

*Group Rates Available


Sound Bath


A multi-sensory session where you will experience firsthand and learn how to use sets of useful tools to reduce feelings of anxiety, fear, and other common patterns of resistance. All while enjoying a co-creative experience with your partner or an entire team of co-workers.

Experience first hand the powerful multidimensional qualities of the quartz crystal singing bowls, learn how to feel and interact with your own bioelectric field and other similar frequencies, experience and try 3 different easy meditation techniques, and more!


Anyone can do it and will feel the benefits of this experience. Every subject we cover in this workshop is non-dogmatic, and nonconflicting, also honors and respects all walks of life.


This is a sonic experience that relaxes, balances, and promotes good health to the body, mind, and soul through the use of quartz bowls as instruments of sound. The crystalline structure of quartz crystal happens to be very similar to the structure of our bones and DNA, both of which have a unique and true interaction with electricity.


Every time we make a quartz bowl “sing,” our bone structure resonates and "sings" too. This is important because our bones are the core of our physical and energetic structure, and because most of our blood cells are produced by our bones.


Among other benefits, the sound bath helps to rejuvenate your bloodstream by enhancing its production from within. On the bioelectrical level, the acoustic resonance of the quartz opens and balances our bioelectrical field or lattice and chakras one by one.


Wellness Components Covered: Music Therapy, Meditation, Mindfulness, Bioelectric Balancing.

$88 per couple

Time: Tuesdays, 7 to 8p

*Group Rates Available


Fun flex 4 Couples®

for Couples & Groups

Grab a partner, have fun and learn new ways to connect through this ancient, easy to learn, and very healthy protocol progressions.


Based on some of the traditional Thai Yoga Massage movements, this workshop teaches you and your partner how to implement some of the basic stretches and compressions from both, ancient and modern Bodywork techniques.


All guests are fully dressed on top of a blanket, on the grass or a massage table, the facilitator takes each couple through diverse stretches, protocols, and movements so they may continue to practice back home.


Anyone can enjoy and receive great benefits from this workshop regardless of any previous bodywork or yoga experience.


By the end of this session, everyone will feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready for the next Fun & Flex for All® trade between themselves!

$155 per couple

Time: Tuesdays, 8 to 9:30p

*Group Rates Available

Email Us for Availability & Bookings
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