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Mindfulness as a daily habit

This is a term that you have probably heard of recently, it refers to the basic human ability to be fully present, and aware of what you're doing, but most important, to learn how to avoid overly reactive attitudes by learning how to manage, process and understand what is happening around us.

Because of the proven results of the many mindfulness exercises, we use mindfulness as a key component in lot of our workshops.

Being mindful might sound like an easy thing to do but actually, and given the amount of distractions and digital addictions we are surrounded today, a lot of people find really shocking to learn how much practice actually takes to train our brain into mindful, constructive, and productive thought patterns.

By using Art and mindfulness we're putting into play two of the most powerful modern tools to battle stress, digital additction, anxiety, and promoting health and wellbeing.

There are hundreds of mindfulness exercises that you can try for your daily life, google them, try them and practice as much as you can, you'll be able to witness its powerful results by the end of each day.

If you have a favorite one please share it with us!

Stay tuned for more on our popular String Art & Mindfulness workshop benefits and upcoming dates.

Thank you for reading!

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