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Sound for healing & wellness

Scientists have found that the Universe is built by frequencies of different wavelenghts, when they're dense they bounce the frequency of light, some resonate, others simply fly across any physical density, etc.

Sound is a vibration that touches every cell of our body depending on its frequency, ei, the deep bass sounds that resonate in our abdomen area, to the violins that resonate in our head and make it fly, to guitars that gives us the will to sing along. One thing we might all agree with is that music and sound makes this a better Planet.

The core focus for any sound therapy is resonating acoustics into specific areas of our physical and emotional bodies to help release stress and other emotional imbalances.

As we have all experienced with our 'favorite tune' sound and emotions are intimately connected and that is why sound therapy has proven to be one of the most subtle but profound healing experiences in the wellness Universe. If guided properly, the right sounds will unlock any blocked emotions or stressed areas realeasing them with positive and constructive results.

Other benefits include: improving sleep, recovering from traumas, faster healing from invasive medical treatments, removing toxins, stimulating circulation, regulating hormonal functions, among others.

In upcoming posts we'll be talking more about our favorite sound therapy tools and some of the amazing results we've seen in our practice.

Stay tuned!

Sound Therapy w Quartz Crystal Bowls in Big Sur

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