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Candle Making & Meditation

Candles have been part of our lives for thousands of years. From prayers, to romance, to basic lightning needs, you can be sure you'll find a candle in every major life event. These days with technology taking over most of our lives this craft has been fading out, but we're here to rescue it!

There are many techniques that will teach you how to do your own, we recommend trying any of them. In our approach to candle making we aim to unite the powers of our minds, body and spirit. First we give you a crash course on Aromatherapy, so you may understand better what essential oils are better for you and your environment. Then, by focusing on a positive intentions and gratitude, each candle you produce is Blessed by you, when you light it up, this frequency will resonate all around your room.Our workshop is done by Vane from Carmel Candle Co.

Just like any other creative process, the best way to achieve interesting results is to have fun, by focusing our thoughts in this or any other creative process we will feel relaxed, balanced, and aware.

May your candle lit your most beautiful dreams into reality!

Thank you for reading...

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